Regular analytics provide no context

TrendPo FrontPage monitors thousands of politicians from state delegates and city mayors to the US Congress. See your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube stats benchmarked against peers and opposing candidates. No need to rely on manual data entry anymore, TrendPo gives you a sleek FrontPage to read every morning!

'Big Data' is the Big Trend in politics - but campaigns focus solely on the voter file - TrendPo focuses on everything else. Plenty have asked "what next" now that traditional polling has seen better days. TrendPo may just have the answer."

Marci Harris

The Heritage Foundation works closely with TrendPo to optimize our Facebook and Twitter advertising to reach a growing audience that can help us move the needle on important public policy debates.

Rob Bluey
Director of Digital Media and Editor in Chief, The Foundry

As a customer, I'm excited about how JD & co have found ways to apply their expertise and creativity to real-world business problems.

Nathanael Yellis
Digital Director

TrendPo Rank is the new era of political polling. Calculated daily, a custom TrendPo Rank tells you who's moving up, down, and sideways among the people you care about. Great for tracking individual races to large delegations, TrendPo Rank's patent-pending algorithm is the best barometer of online news and social media presence.

Politicians and their members are able to see and track the effects of their stances on certain issues and compare themselves to their competitors. The potential application of this data is diverse.